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How to start a RDS

Name the Service.

To begin with any approach you should first choose a name which is friendlier and easier to remember. If you want to skip this step. Call us and we can enable area for you which you can directly start and operate for foodnearu.

Register for free trial.

Signup for a free trial and we can setup an admin panel and site where you can upload a sample restaurant menu so that you can demonstrate it while signing up.

Signup Restaurants.

You can use our marketing material or create your own. We suggest you create your own as your ideas matter. Signing up with a restaurant is easy. But it gets difficult to negotiate the commission from the restaurant. Typically restaurant commission range from as high as 30% to as low as 15%. It depends between different companies.

Publish your presence.

There are multiple ways to publish your presence as well as run promotions and reach out to local people for more information on this you need to go to different meeting point and publish your presence. Working with hotels for in room menu books also have been very effective for us at foodnearu.

Phone System setup.

You can start with a simple phone with voice messaging or signup with a complex PBX system.

Hiring Drivers.

Hiring drivers is an important piece of the puzzle. Usually on your busy days you may need some drivers who are available on demand. So using the drivers app the driver can work on demand using our software and their deliveries and tips will be recorded on the system. This way they will be more answerable and it gives you an ability to manage the accounts and see the business status at any point of time.

Social Media Campaigning.

Social media like Facebook, Yelp and Google plus has been a very effective web based marketing. Using the tool effectively is very important for a restaurant, as well as the delivery service like yours.

These all challenges can be taken care of if you decide to join under the brand name of foodnearu as they have already been successful and will be willing to take care of most of the cost over here if you choose to take the brand name further.