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Testing Services

Software Quality and Management Testing

The value of software testing to a company’s performance and reputation is immeasurable. Production flaws and delivery delays can damage profits, competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Enterprise Mobility takes a strategic approach to quality management, helping you improve business agility while reducing costs and business and technical risks. We work with you to optimize your existing IT investments, integrate new approaches and address quality from a business perspective.

Our test assessment and improvement services are based on the combination of various test methodology. These methodologies are leading model that provide step-by-step guide to analyze the assignments. Hundreds of clients have successfully used it to address their testing challenges.

The model is even more powerful when used with Quality Blueprint. It provides a benchmark against the industry standard, comparing the test maturity of other firms in your sector, including competitors. This intelligence equips you to make better-informed decisions about improving your testing performance. Our complete testing service helps you address your key test process challenges, realize a higher level of test maturity and achieve more streamlined and efficient processes.


This business-driven approach to improving your testing process provides several significant benefits: Clear insight into the existing maturity of your test processes and your competitive positioning An understanding of steps needed to achieve your business-specific goals More efficient and effective test processes aligned with your key business drivers Increased productivity and reduced time to market, resulting in lower test costs Access to industry best practices and experience Minimized business and technical risk through regulatory compliance, particularly relevant in financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and government We work with you to develop a testing organization that addresses your key test execution challenges, enhances performance efficiency and effectiveness, and delivers significant productivity gains.

Combining our industry standard methodology and Quality Blueprint framework, we provide a clear and objective assessment of the relative maturity of your test processes and structure. We offer practical Recommendations for continuous improvement by Measuring and scoring your existing maturity using our methodologies. Benchmarking the test maturity of your organization against the industry standard, using our Quality Blueprint benchmarking data Defining a roadmap for success to deliver actionable plans that focus effort and value on business priorities Leveraging industry best practice accelerators and our Innovation Labs tools to reduce costs and improve productivity.

A fixed core team is assigned to monitor, maintain and reuse your organization’s accumulated testing knowledge, and can be scaled on demand. To maximize efficiency, our testers are highly experienced, centralized and cross-trained in multiple technologies.

Organized across multiple test lines, this resource combines client test teams, tools and environments to provide scalable, end-to-end testing capabilities that can be adapted to meet clients’ changing needs.