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Devops and System Engineering

Clients request Enterprise Mobility for Development and Operations Management. Here are few of their common interests.


Agile Process Setup and Training

  • This may seem trivial but often teams need to be mentored on Best Practices. Tools such as Jira need to be setup based on the team’s processes and workflows, Best Practices and integrating these to manage issues.
  • Additionally, teams need to be guided about the Scrum process with Sprint Planning in Jira/TFS/Rally with appropriate plugins based on specific requirements and Best Practices.

Building a CI/CD Pipeline

  • Migrating source code to source control if not currently in Git/SVN/CVS/VS/TFS/Perforce. Mentoring the right way of branching and merging changes
  • Setting up the process in Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) using Jenkins/Bamboo/AWS Pipeline
  • Setting up the Dev/QA/Staging and Production Environments on cloud infrastructure or in-house local servers (“On prem”)

Cloud Infrastructure Setup

  • Writing specific Terraform/Clould Formation scripts to setup infrastructure through scripts so they are scalable on demand
  • Setting up the necessary tools to configure the environment using Ansible/Chef or Puppet
  • Depolying on server or serverless environments using deployment scripts or using Container Images for deployment
  • Setting up Kubernetes/Docker Swarm/AWS Docker Swarm for image deployment
  • Configuring the Load Balancer/Queue Services as well as monitoring services to ensure the infrastructure is up and running 24/7


Since most of the task are environment dependent, we need to understand your specific environment for providing a quote.
For more information, contact devops@entmobi.com