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How Does Our Solution Work

Maximizing the Online Orders.

With the emphasis of streamlining the process as much as possible our solution is tuned towards getting 90% of your orders online and have been successfully able to keep that goal for our clients.

Our solution directly integrates on site SEO for maximizing the presence on the web. Though the administrator needs to specify the specialty keywords for each restaurant to maximize the returns.

Delivery without intervention.

  • Restaurant notification
  • Once the order is placed the restaurant receives an email/fax or both. Additionally for certain restaurant where they wanted to avoid phone calls to confirm they have also had one of our simple mobile printer which prints order directly in the restaurant kitchen along with notification by alerting the staff who manually acknowledge the order.
  • Driver Accepts Order.
  • Once the order is placed it gets notified to our drivers who use our smartphone app. They have to manually accept the order. Which makes the driver responsible for the order and will also be able to claim the tip in the order.
  • Customer Receives the Order.
  • Once the driver delivers the order he marks it as completed.

Management Dashboard

With the automated process the management will have complete idea of where the driver is at any point of time as his smart phone app will be updating the user location to the management at all the time. He will have all idea when the food is picked up. This way he can focus his efforts in expanding the business and getting more drivers on board.

Billing and Taxes

Usually the RDS’s are either a reseller or a service provider.

Reseller typically does not pay taxes to the restaurant and pays taxes directly to the sales tax department of the state or city etc.

Service provider can pay the tax monies collected to the restaurant and gets itself exempted from state or city taxes.

Our system can be set up either ways while preparing the statements.

Setup a Merchant Account

You can work with your bank or with Costco to setup a merchant account. This process usually takes about 7 days.

If you choose to work with foodnearu this is step can be skipped too.

All the online payment come to your account and you are supposed to pay to the restaurant the money after the commission.