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RDS Solutions

RDS Solution Overview

With emphasis of providing the features that a startup would need as well as a established RDS would require, we have a solution which will give the technology advantage typically any major RDS players enjoy like Doordash/Postmates have.

Key advantages of our solution compared to others in the industry

With the fast changing technology landscape. We have built our solution using high availability cloud solution rather than servers in house.

Key Aspect of our Model includes.

  • Generating Business with minimum marketing cost.
  • Target the Online Marketing Medium to maximize the penetration in an area
  • Use effective driver module to manage and scale the delivery model as per need
  • Manage the transactions and orders and tracking all in one place to reduce errors


Any entrepreneur who would like to join in taking the brand of foodnearu to build an area they are residing can contact on 925 435 7161. FoodNearU will be providing all the marketing material and plan to build the area with no startup cost. If qualified for the area expansion foodnearu will be deploying its staff for building the market for your area. Serious enquirers only!!!


With an Effective solution for the market Enterprise mobility has developed its own IP with an heavy investment in technology and also have operated a RDS FoodNearU in Tri-valley area and we understand the complexity of the RDS industry and being technology driven we have implemented all the solutions which came on our way.