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Android Applications



Budweiser products

With this app you can view all the Budweiser products. Join the worldwide party by just scanning your bottle and you’ll be receiving Budweiser’s newsletter for events, specials & news.

This Basketball app contains 23 video moves demonstrated by well known coach GANNON BAKER throug which you can Learn the Moves and Counter-Moves of NBA Superstars.

PMP Cheat Sheets

Project Manager-PMP

The “Project Manager-PMP Cheat Sheets for Android” app features a concise set of project management processes, formulas, terminologies and notes for your quick reference. The app can be used as a memory refreshing tool for a seasoned project management professional or even as a basic and brief instruction set for an entry-level project manager.


Android Autograph app

The Android Autograph app gives you the ability to capture the voices, handwritten signatures and the pictures of your favorite celebrities. You can store it digitally forever! All you have to do is open the app and pick the category of your choice: snap a picture, get their autograph or record their voice. It is saved forever!

Footfeed – Expand Your Social Footprint

Expand Your Social Footprint

This app involves a new mobile location check-in aggregate network that brings together various web services so that users can check in to many networks simultaneously. Using the Footfeed mobile check-in app, users can have their location matched across the different networks connected to their account and check-in to all networks simultaneously.

Parkingticket Stopper(PTS)

Parkingticket Stopper app

Parkingticket Stopper app allows users to avoid receiving parking tickets. This app uses your current location and shows you the warnings on the parking spaces available. This app also uses WAP push to alert the user when the place where you have parked has any restrictions


App For EBay(eBay)

Shopping.com app allows users to search through their listings and make a purchase from their Android phone. It also allows users to save to their favorites, view their previous searches and look for currents deals.
Since Shopping.com is owned by the eBay company, this app was certified through the quality standards regulated by eBay